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The Top 8 Senior Mistakes Seniors Make That Ruin Their Portraits

We can only sit up to 25 seniors a month! Be sure to call now and reserve your sitting: 602.265.2605 Also, you can get a senior portrait package for as low as $126!

Senior Mistake #1: Wear Wrong Clothes

If you wear the wrong clothes, you can add 40-pounds to your body. There are very simple clothing recommendations you that we suggest at our page 'element of color: how to dress for senior photographs'.

Senior Photography Mistake Wearing Wrong Clothes
Senior Mistake #2: Getting a New Haircut or No Haircut

It is good to get a haircut! However, make sure to get a haircut one-week before your senior portraits. Hair is an important part to your appearance. We all have bad hair days. If your portrait sitting is on a bad hair day, it may hurt the overall quality of your senior portraits. However, our digital lab technicians can fix a bad hair day! So really there is nothing to get scared about. Also, if your bad hair day is really bad, just call Duke Photography and reschedule!

Senior Photography Mistake No Haircut

Senior Mistake #3: Blemishes

Just like a bad hair day, everyone gets blemishes. Do not feel shy, worried or embarrassed it. Please make sure to speak with your photographer and parents about this. After your senior portrait session and when you look at your proofs, you may feel the need to get rid of blemishes. Make sure you say something about it! Duke Photography has a team of digital artists who can get rid of blemishes for you.

Senior Mistake #4: Do not force your smile

Your face and mouth is full of muscles (your entire body is a muscle). In fact, there are over 52 muscles surrounding your face. So, when you smile you are working every one of those muscles. Please use every muscle! We want to see your bright smile.

Senior Photography Mistake Forced Smiling
Major Senior Mistake #5: Rushing Through Your Session

It is important you get a professional senior photographer at Duke Photography to do your senior portraits. You can't afford to have an amateur photographer make mistakes! If your sessions is running out of time, or the photographer is impatient, or you feel rushed, then you need to understand that your senior portraits will look rushed.

Time is on Duke Photography's side. We specialize in freezing time!

Senior Mistake #6: Picking an Amateur Photographer

You can't afford to have an amateur photographer! It is important to find out who the best photographer is to take your senior portraits. With over half a century of experience, you can be rest assured Duke Photography has the best senior photographers in the East Valley. Amateur photographers make a lot of mistakes that end up costing you overall quality. When you hire Duke Photography, you get high quality senior portraits nobody else in the state can deliver.

Senior Mistake #7: Using Point and Snap Cameras

It is popular for a teenager to tell their parents, "just take my picture with your pixel camera." Just make sure you understand that a consumer camera is not a professional camera. The consumer digital point and shoot cameras you get at electronic stores are for hobbyists. They are created for cheap and quick aesthetic appeal. The professional digital cameras at Duke Photography are created for precise, detailed and high quality aesthetic appeal that a consumer camera just can't capture. Also, we have professional lighting you can't get with a small flash on a consumer camera.

Senior Mistake #8: Being Camera Shy

The point of getting your portrait taking is to show off your personality and bright smile! If you are shy, it is a guarantee our professional senior photographers will get you to laugh so you start to feel comfortable (even if you are shy our senior photographers will get you to laugh!). You need to be comfortable in front of the camera in order to ensure the best quality senior portraits you can get.

Senior Mistake Shy Hurts Your Smile
Get Prepared for your Photography Session with Duke Photography

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