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Please View Our Professional Portrait Galleries in the Links Below:

Family Photography Gallery

Get incredible family portraits at an incredible price (packages for as low as $149 and for a limited time)! Duke Photography specializes in family photography art. When you are making a decision on who to hire as your photographer for your family portraits please keep in mind that we have been taking professional family portraits for over half a century. Learn "How to Dress for Family Photography Using Color Tones" so that your portraits are the best they can be. Call: 480.838.3660 and speak with the best family portrait studio in the East Valley.

Children Photography Gallery

Time is precious... Memories can fade and moment's pass in a blink of an eye. Freeze time right now and get your family portrait package for as low as $149 (limited time offer)! Duke Photography specializes in capturing the moment. You can be rest assured your child and family is in good hands at Duke Photography. For over half a century we've been creating family art. Call 480.838.3660 and reserve your children and family portrait session today!

Seniors Photography Gallery

Get Amazing Senior Portraits at an Amazing Price (packages as low as $126 and for a limited time)! Professional graduating senior photographers at Duke Photography can sit up to 25 seniors a month. Please call now to reserve a senior portrait session: 480.838.3660. You can visit our high school senior website and learn about how to prepare for graduation and FAQ's on the graduation process!

Formal Photography Gallery

Our formal photographers will capture your ball, engagement, cotillion, quinceanera or formal event with the upmost professionalism. This is a special moment in time when you come out to society saying, "I'm a confident, courageous, beautiful and independent lady" and your photographer needs to understand that. With over half a century of experience you can trust Duke Photography to tell capture your special moment. Call now and speak with a formal photographer: 480.838.3660

Business Photography Gallery

We are in business, for business! The professional business photographers at Duke Photography's East Valley Tempe at the Lakes knows how to capture the leadership attributes your corproate organization desires. Call now to reserve your business photography session: 480.838.3660

High School Dances Photography Gallery

It's time to dance! Our photographers are friendly with students, capturing portraits they will cherish forever, while projecting the professional image your establishment desires. Let our dance photographers capture your next dance event, call: 480.838.3660!

High School and League Sports Photography Gallery

Nothing is sweeter than capturing the moment when your school wins their game or when your son or daughter accomplishes an amazing feat. Our professional high school and league sports photographer's know how to be in the right spot at the right time. Give us a call and speak with our sports photographer: 480.838.3660.

School Portraits Gallery

Duke Photography lives to see children smile. We are a completely managed staff of school photographers. We understand each student's smile should be bright and happy, yet the school needs everyone back to class as soon as possible. Call 480.838.3660 and speak to a professional school photographer. We love our school children so much that we take free photographs of the annual Arizona Association of Student Council presidential luncheon!